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C-O-V-I-D...What's going through your head?

  • "The Government wouldn't lie to me..."
  • "I just want to get back to normal"
  • "I want to travel"
  • "It's a pandemic - people are dying!...I could die"
  • "I need to protect my parents"
  • "Research? Yes - I asked my doctor"
  • "I trust the science"


What if.......hmmmm...

Questions you SHOULD be asking...

  1. Is it approved
  2. Is it really safe and effective
  3. What about all the heart attacks
  4.  Why is the TGA about 15 weeks behind in it's reporting?
  5. Will you be liable if I experience side effects?
  6. Why aren't the vaccine companies liable if I have an adverse reaction?
  7. Why are people calling it "Gene Therapy"?


cognitive dissonance
  1. The psychological tension that occurs when one holds mutually exclusive beliefs or attitudes and that often motivates people to modify their thoughts or behaviours in order to reduce the tension.

What's happening In Australia

Blood Clots

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Heart inflammation

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Heart Attacks

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Other Health Issues

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OK....sometimes comedy  is an easier way to get a message across...very clever...