About Masks....

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects - LifeSite
Young children being forced to wear masks is of particular concern.
Masking fit healthy kids at school and requiring them to wear them for many hours a day equates to CHILD ABUSE.
Let me explain, my background is in biological sciences (bioinformatics). There is currently NO CREDIBLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE
This is what masking does
 1 It creates ACIDOSIS - Do you know what that is? I suggest you look it up if you don’t.
 2 Critical frontline workers according to work health standards must change them every 10 MIN - WHY?
 3 Because you are breathing your waste back into your LUNGS
 4 ACIDOSIS produces 1) fermentation products 2) inflammation 3) destruction of tissues 4) Bacteria - WHY IS THIS   IMPORTANT?
 5 Because you are creating a perfect STORM in HEALTHY INDIVIDUALS for bacteria to FESTER
 6 Result is pneumonia, and respiratory illness and disease along with reduction in oxygen to brain and tissues critical for learning
 7 All for a virus with a 99.998 chance of survival. Most children have little to NO SYMPTOMS.
 8 The WASTE masks creates is extraordinary and it takes over 500 years for it to break down in landfill.
You are creating a perfect storm for a lung infection to occur.
It's time to stand up against this INSANITY and stop supporting this unscientific rubbish.